Renneville Guybert

Java & Blockchain Developer


It has always been my favorite programming language. But recently, I am more and more interested about Kotlin. It is almost like Java without some of its painful part.


I have been passionate about blockchain ecosystem since 2015. As a developer, I am much more interested about Ethereum than Bitcoin. Bitcoin is great but the potential of Ethereum is huge.


I love building things and I am convinced one needs to be passionate in order to build great stuff. The life of a developer is a never-ending learning path. And it is great because it is (imho) the most exciting side of life.

Travel & Nature wonders

Life is too short to explore every wonderful corner of the Earth. I would rather travel to admire the nature than wait in line among tourists. Our planet is a gift, I really hope we won't ruin it any longer.


Open source

  • Signed Contract Vault (Github)

    An open source blockchain smartcontract that implements the proof of existence use case.